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We bring the magic hair beauty wigs to your life 

Wigs Hair Extension

100% Human Hair Wigs

Our  wigs are hand crafted wigs suitable for all occassions and we take time to understand customer’s imaginary wig by taking note of every detail and give necessary advice. We take measurement of head circumference, forehead to nape, ear to ear across front hair line and top of the head and so forth.


Colored and Natural Black

We make colored and natural black wigs and we advice our clients to atleast have an idea of what kind of wig they want. Though we stock wigs at our office, we also customize wigs based on client’s preference. 


Wig Texture

  • Body Wave
  • Deep Wave
  • Loose Wave
  • Curly
  • Kinky Curly
  • Straight

Variety is the hair of life, and wigs come in many texture and varieties

~ Joseph Zulu


18 Inch Deep Wave

It comes in long slight wave curly that blend with all colors. The texture is natural and need a little maintainace to contain the curls. Its curls remain intact so long they are not intentionally altered.


20 Inch Curly

As known by its name curly, it has very close curls which makes it unique from other texture. Its ability to stay curled for its life span makes it mantain magnificent and splendid appearance


Platinum Blonde 

This beauty hair piece is crafted based on customer requirements. #613 blonde hair  piece has magic ability to be dyed in any customized color. Blonde hair piece is a multi-color compartible hair which takes color so well and produce exceptional results.

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